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The Audreys – Adelaide Fringe 2020

The Audreys are a triple ARIA Award-winning Australian blues/roots band. They formed in Adelaide in 2004, and made a return to their home town for a one-night-only show in the Octagon at Gluttony for Adelaide Fringe 2020.

The band is comprised principally of Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall, with a cast of rotating musicians who have played with them over the years – however, this particular performance was quite stripped back, with just the two of them onstage with a selection of instruments (ukuleles, bass guitar, melodica). The production was simple, with atmospheric stage lighting, and great sound engineering that let the performances shine through.

They announced their set up front by saying “we’re going to play a lot of sad songs”, to which the audience gave a knowing giggle. It was pretty clear that most of the audience were Audreys fans, with people nodding their heads and singing along – however, any lover of modern music should be able to appreciate The Audreys elegant song-writing, talent and stage presence.

Taasha Coates’ vocals are crooning, seductive and haunting, and Tristan Goodall’s skill with stringed instruments is world-class and effortless in its execution. The chemistry between the two of them is clear, as they hint to their backstory as ex-lovers. Taasha cajoles that the next song will be about all of her ex boyfriends; Tristan sheepishly says that he thinks the whole song was written about him. It’s surprisingly charming, and relatable to anyone who has continued a friendship with an ex.

This show is for fans of blues and roots music, melancholy souls, melodica enthusiasts, anyone who is friends with their ex, lovers of silky smooth, swoon-worthy vocals, and fancy finger work on the guitar.

This was a one-night-only Fringe show, sorry folks! But do check out The Audrey’s tour dates on their website, and watch out for them at a future Adelaide Fringe.

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Performance reviewed: Saturday 15th Feb, The Octagon at Gluttony