Adelaide Fringe Adelaide Fringe 2021

Aerialicious – ADL Fringe 2021

Aerial Artists Adelaide are a local company teaching a variety of aerial skills to people of all ages. Their 2021 showcase Aerialicious featured a variety of performers showing off their impressive strength and skills, high up in the air, to a well selected collection of music, smoke, and lights.

The skill level was incredible, with some artists who were a little newer among seasoned performers. It was fantastic to see all the local talent, and the price was appropriate for the various levels within the performances.

The venue was very welcoming and well spaced, with an enthusiastic crowd and happy vibes all around.

There were some lighting issues in this particular show, but they were always quick to get it back on track. We missed the fantastic singers from last year that helped tie together all of the acts, and the Effie Trinket styled hostess didn’t quite tie into the showcase style production, but the costumes were impressively styled and fun to observe.

The partnered acts were a thrilling highlight, with the enthusiasm between the pairs bouncing around the stage, with fantastic music, light shows, and unique costumes. Special mention to the highly skilled Peri, the Amelia’s and the cast also working behind the scenes on the ropes with Craig (head man at AAA) seamlessly keeping the performers safe in the air.

This show it suitable for absolutely everyone, young or old! Entertainment for the whole family. I look forward to seeing what they come up with for next year.

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Performance Reviewed: Apollo Theatre (The Big Slapple at the Adelaide Convention Centre) Sat 13 Mar 2021 5.00pm