Adelaide Fringe Adelaide Fringe 2020

Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered – Adelaide Fringe 2020

Mim Sarre takes the audience through the basic course of how to be a Feminist, debunking a few myths and singing a killer set of fantastic original songs – with an incredible female band behind her! In her 50 minutes, she covers to A-Z of feminism, consent, and toxic masculinity in its several forms.

The atmosphere of the show was electric within the little Bally tent, packed to the brim with people who were very obviously enjoying every second of the experience. Mim Sarre and her team turn the Bally into an attention grabbing little place, with fantastic lighting by her female technician Maddy Gibbons that perfectly matched every mood change.

The show was beautifully written, covering a myriad of topics that were entertaining or useful to all within the canvas walls. With the low point of the show being a bit longer than expected, the meaningful segments of the show really hit right where they were meant to.

The ideal audience for this show would be anyone aged 14 or over; there is considerable swearing, but the content is extremely important.

The 2020 Adelaide Fringe season for Friendly Feminism has had three extra shows added, an obvious testament to its fantasticness! But if you somehow aren’t convinced by this review… just go anyway to see the Tea Song – she doesn’t lie when she says it’ll be stuck in your head for days!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Content Warning: M

Presented By: Millicent Sarre

Performance Reviewed: Wednesday 26th of February at The Bally, Gluttony