Adelaide Fringe Adelaide Fringe 2020

The Devil Made Me Do It – Adelaide Fringe 2020

Mackenzie has sold her soul to the devil and can’t remember her life before this moment. But now she wants to go back on her contact. The story explores the reasons why Mackenzie had signed her soul away to begin with. This show deals with issues of depression, drug addiction, rape, and memory loss – this show is definitely for 18+ with the dark themes present throughout the show.

The show for its cost was worth the money. It was very dark and left open ended so it’s up to the audience to determine Mackenzie’s fate. The Devil and Studio owner played by John Valdez and Tristan O’Neil respectively were standout performers and brought out feelings of love and hate audience members, with one such member saying she wanted to throw her phone at the studio owner.

One highlight was seeing one of Such Cliche’s own Erinn Flavel shining on stage in many roles through the ensemble cast.

The use of lighting and audio visions definitely brought a much needed edge to the performance to complete the show.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐


Content Warning: M

Presented By: Write Me Originals

Performance Reviewed: Thursday 20th February at the Bakehouse Theatre