Festival Food

Buk Buk Southern Hot @ RCC

Buk Buk Southern Hot (hereafter BBSH) has been slinging that good good fried chicken around Adelaide for a minute now. I first encountered BBSH at the 2019 Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival which, as I learned while writing this review, was their first appearance ever!

I opted for the $18 Buk Yeah! which is a solid option for someone with a bit of a hunger on. The Buk Yeah! gives you a bit of everything; some boneless fried chicken, some wings, waffle fries, slaw, pickles & Texas toast.

The fried chicken is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and straight-up delicious. The waffle fries are salty, starchy goodness that’s hard to argue with. The pickles are soooo good, like real good, like a big old SA ‘heaps good’. For my tastes the slaw could hit a little harder – it’s up against some big flavours and on its own it gets drowned out, but that’s really just me nitpicking and looking really hard for something less than completely glowing to say about BBSH. Finally, the Texas toast which as far as I could tell was just a slice of plain white sandwich bread, it was also a gd winner. Slap a bit of everything on their and let those flavours all come together in few harmonious bites.

Overall; service was quick and friendly, food was delicious, and it’s definitely not breaking the bank.

Eat this if you love fried chicken.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Food enjoyed: Sunday 23rd Feb @ Royal Croquet Club

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