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Buk Buk Southern Hot @ RCC

Buk Buk Southern Hot (hereafter BBSH) has been slinging that good good fried chicken around Adelaide for a minute now. I first encountered BBSH at the 2019 Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival which, as I learned while writing this review, was their first appearance ever!

I opted for the $18 Buk Yeah! which is a solid option for someone with a bit of a hunger on. The Buk Yeah! gives you a bit of everything; some boneless fried chicken, some wings, waffle fries, slaw, pickles & Texas toast.

The fried chicken is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and straight-up delicious. The waffle fries are salty, starchy goodness that’s hard to argue with. The pickles are soooo good, like real good, like a big old SA ‘heaps good’. For my tastes the slaw could hit a little harder – it’s up against some big flavours and on its own it gets drowned out, but that’s really just me nitpicking and looking really hard for something less than completely glowing to say about BBSH. Finally, the Texas toast which as far as I could tell was just a slice of plain white sandwich bread, it was also a gd winner. Slap a bit of everything on their and let those flavours all come together in few harmonious bites.

Overall; service was quick and friendly, food was delicious, and it’s definitely not breaking the bank.

Eat this if you love fried chicken.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Food enjoyed: Sunday 23rd Feb @ Royal Croquet Club

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Festival Food

Enfes Gözleme @ Gluttony

There are some food experiences that are amazing because of their uniqueness or their outstanding quality and then there are other food experiences that are amazing because they satisfy something deeply necessary at a particular moment in time. My experience with Enfes Gözleme was the latter.

Being multiple drinks deep at the end of a long night at Gluttony I was craving something with carbs, fat and something to make me feel like I wasn’t the complete trashbag of a human I know myself to be; spinach and cheese gözleme was the answer.

The flatbread and cheese blend satisfied the late-night need of the garbage person to punish themselves and then the spinach pops up to say, “you know what bud? You’re trying your best out here in this crazy world”. Lifting the whole dish up to another level were slices of fresh lemon and a generous serve of hot sauce.

I would like to add that none of this is to say that the food being served up by Enfes Gözleme isn’t great in its own right because it absolutely is, all I want to convey is that the manner in which I encountered it lifted the experience from greatness to excellence.

Cheese and spinach gözleme for me covers perfectly the internal struggle to take care of one’s self and also to practice self-care in the occasional indulgence of delicious-but-not-strictly-healthy food.

Enjoy this any time throughout your evening but in my experience it is best enjoyed towards the end of the night.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Food enjoyed:  Saturday 22nd Feb @ Gluttony

Festival Food

Joybird @ Gluttony

Joybird is an establishment with which I am already familiar, having visited their brick and mortar location in Hyde Park multiple times. I have always had a positive experience at the permanent location and wanted to see if the Gluttony based pop-up would live up to my already high standards; spoiler alert, it absolutely did.

The menu is small but varied, leaning heavily on the eponymous Joybird that is chicken, but also offering vegetarian options for those so inclined. I was feeling the need for something particularly healthy so obviously I ordered the “Dirty Bird” fried chicken burger.

The burger was fantastic; a delicious and generous piece of fried chicken was the obvious star of the show and cooked in a style reminiscent of kaarage chicken I had enjoyed in Japan. Other notable elements were a rich, umami bomb in the form of a parmesan crisp, and fresh, biting Kimchi.

Time is subjective and therefore timeliness is also subjective, the food (on a busy Saturday night) came out with just enough of a wait to allow us to grab a drink from a nearby bar which is to say, the perfect amount of time.

It may seem an odd thing to comment on the layout of what is essentially a fried chicken food stall at an entertainment venue but, the Joybird pop-up gives an obvious vibe of good planning and ordered design thinking. The team works smoothly behind the counter pumping out delicious food at a good pace.

Eat this if you love fried chicken.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Food Enjoyed: Saturday 22nd Feb @ Gluttony

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