Festival Food

Joybird @ Gluttony

Joybird is an establishment with which I am already familiar, having visited their brick and mortar location in Hyde Park multiple times. I have always had a positive experience at the permanent location and wanted to see if the Gluttony based pop-up would live up to my already high standards; spoiler alert, it absolutely did.

The menu is small but varied, leaning heavily on the eponymous Joybird that is chicken, but also offering vegetarian options for those so inclined. I was feeling the need for something particularly healthy so obviously I ordered the “Dirty Bird” fried chicken burger.

The burger was fantastic; a delicious and generous piece of fried chicken was the obvious star of the show and cooked in a style reminiscent of kaarage chicken I had enjoyed in Japan. Other notable elements were a rich, umami bomb in the form of a parmesan crisp, and fresh, biting Kimchi.

Time is subjective and therefore timeliness is also subjective, the food (on a busy Saturday night) came out with just enough of a wait to allow us to grab a drink from a nearby bar which is to say, the perfect amount of time.

It may seem an odd thing to comment on the layout of what is essentially a fried chicken food stall at an entertainment venue but, the Joybird pop-up gives an obvious vibe of good planning and ordered design thinking. The team works smoothly behind the counter pumping out delicious food at a good pace.

Eat this if you love fried chicken.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Food Enjoyed: Saturday 22nd Feb @ Gluttony

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